Nils E. R. Zimmermann

Presently, I am a stay-at-home dad.

Generally, I am a researcher who is active at the interface between physical chemistry, materials science, and engineering. My expertise lies in combining theory, computation, data science, and visualization to help improve our understanding of physicochemical processes on the nanoscale (e.g., molecule diffusion and ion intercalation in host materials) and to help improve predictions of scientifically and/or technologically important, but challenging, properties (e.g., solute precipitate nucleation rates). I have more than 10 years of active research experience, where I have worked with many diverse research groups in various countries. I am actively supporting key scientific principles such as open access (OA) publishing by writing blogs and by advocating for these principles among my fellow researchers. Furthermore, I am engaged in mechanisms to foster diversity and inclusion in academia, for example, by assuming a leadership role in our postdoc union at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Academic trajectory


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Energy Technology Area
Hacking Materials Group
1 Cyclotron Road, MS 62-0203
Berkeley, CA 94720
U. S. A.


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